Open clusters

List by galactic longitudes

The list of about 1200 open clusters known in the Galaxy in increasing galactic longitude has been split into six parts of 60 degrees each:

to keep the files reasonnably short (about 200 lines).

Parameter description

The following parameters are included in the tables
Cluster Name
  • NGC : New General Catalogue
  • IC : Index Catalogue
  • Others : discoverer's name
RA, Dec Equatorial coordinates for the equinox 1950
l, b Galactic coordinates
d Distance in parsec
m-M Apparent distance modulus
E(B-V) Colour excess on the B-V index
logt Logarithm of the age
ST Earliest spectral type on the turn-off
Z Distance perpendicular to the galactic plane
D Diameter in minute of arc

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Last update: 12 November 2005