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Open clusters and galactic structure
Globular Cluster Parameters
Padova Globular cluster Database
The Double Star Library
Galactic Cepheid Database
The Cluster Collaboration's Photometric Catalogue

Data Centers

Strasbourg Data Center
NASA Astronomial Data Center

Other links

Astro Web: Astronomy resources on the Web
The NGC/IC Project
Sky View Virtual Observatory

Amateur Sites

The Interactive NGC Catalog Online
Photos, desription, links to NGC objects
Mikkel Steine Virtual Observatory
The Virtual Observatory offers a nice collection of DSS images of cluster fields and a remarquable collection of Messier objects.
SEDS Messier Database
The Messier data base presents a well documented page on all Messier objects and links to images. SEDS site is also worth visiting.
Night Sky Info
Weekly information about the night sky, astronomy articles and observations.

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Last update: 13 April 2010