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The contents and presentation of this site is open for discussion and suggestions. It would like it becomes a link between the members of the community interested in open clusters and a place where anybody could get the data he or she needs and contributes his or her own data.

I shall welcome

But, as can be seen from the list of existing CCD data, there are presently a lot of recent data that have not yet been included in the database, because the cross-references between the CCD photometric studies and older, commonly used, numbering systems have not been established. With the tools I have developed, it takes me about one day per cluster.

This is admitedly sometines a tedious job, but without a common identificator for each star, any data storage would loose its interest. I think it is the interest of the open cluster community to maintain this kind of information. If not, everyone has to do it for himself, which is obviously a not necessary waste of time.

The inclusion of new data in the database is much easier when the authors have already made the cross-references of their numbering systems with previous ones and I am very grateful to those colleagues who did it.

What I would most appreciate in the present days (December 1997) is a code to compute color charts from the photometric magnitudes (not the digital images that I do not have), either UBV, or BVR, or VRI, to be able to display on the Web a color map for each cluster.

Any help or collaboration to maintain and further develop the database will be warmly appreciated. If you find that published data are missing or known peculiar stars are not included in the lists, please send me a note, it is easy to update the database.

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Last update: 12 November 1999