Catalogue of integrated magnitudes and colours

Published integrated magnitudes and colours in the UBV system have been collected in the present table.
The integrated parameters have been computed by adding the individual magnitudes and colours of the cluster stars.
The catalogue contains 13 entries for 13 star clusters.

The references considered are :
vdBHvan den Bergh S., G.L. Hagen 1968, Astron, J. 73, 569
AlcAlcaino G. 1978, Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 34, 431

The successive columns content is :
NameCluster designation
VIntegrated magnitude
B-VIntegrated colour
U-BIntegrated colour
sVError on magnitude
sB-VError on B-V
sU-BError on U-B
NNumber of observations
SrcSource of the data

SMC clusters

NGC 12111.270.790.
NGC 15213.120.700.
NGC 25612.370.28-
NGC 3309.630.17-0.430.030.020.027vdBH
NGC 33912.990.700.
NGC 34610.31-0.15-0.850.050.020.024vdBH
NGC 36112.460.800.
NGC 41611.460.810.
NGC 41910.660.680.
NGC 45811.770.18-
Kron 312.080.710.
Lindsay 5611.52-0.02-0.540.030.040.013vdBH
Lindsay 7210.790.025-0.380.030.040.034vdBH

Last update: 9 October 2002