List of SMC archive data

Many original data files received from authors or available from anonymous ftp and used in the building of the database are accessible from the WEBDA ftp archive service.

NGC clusters

NGC 121mighell.readmeReadMe3.7KBMighell K.J., et al.1998, AJ 116, 2395

mighell.dat.gzBV CCD110.8KB

stryker.readmeReadMe3.5KBStryker L.L., et al.1985, ApJ 298, 544

stryker_t1.dat.gzBR CCD3.8KB

stryker_t2.dat.gzBR CCD4.7KB

NGC 330bessell.readmeReadMe6.4KBKeller S.C., Bessell M.S., Da Costa G.S.2000, AJ 119, 1748


keller.readmeReadMe4.3KBKeller S.C., Wood P.R., Bessell M.S.1999, A&AS 134, 489

keller.dat.gzVIc CCD1.5KB

vallenari.readmeReadMe1.8KBVallenari A., Ortolani S., Chiosi C.1994, A&AS 108, 571

vallenari.dat.gzBV CCD31.3KB


Anon clusters

Kron 3alcaino.readmeReadMe3.2KBAlcaino G., et al.1996, AJ 112, 2004

alcaino.dat.gzBVRI CCD58.2KB

brocato.dat.gzHST WFPC2181.6KBBrocato E., et al.2001, A&A 374, 523

mighell.readmeReadMe3.7KBMighell K.J., et al.1998, AJ 116, 2395

mighell.dat.gzBV CCD104.0KB

Last update: 4 October 2002