Datatype: Gen

The datatype gen refers to the Geneva seven-colour U,B,V,B1,B2,V1,G photometric system. The colours are normalized to the B filter. The usual Geneva parameters are stored under the datatype Geneva parameters.

The main body of the Geneva data is formed by a systematic observations of open clusters closer than 500 pc and of a few other selected clusters. Some stars have a rather high weight because they have been observed more intensively to study their variability, like Be and Ap stars.

Record structure

No:Star number
Q:Magnitude weight
sigV:Magnitude error
P:Colour weight
sigC:Colour error
U:U magnitude
V:V magnitude
B1:B1 magnitude
B2:B2 magnitude
V1:V1 magnitude
G:G magnitude

Database access

List of clusters
Last Update: 11 February 1998