On-line Help to Data Query

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Left frame:
List of the available data
Right upper frame:
Form to make data selection
This frame:
Display the search results

How to use it

At the beginning, the left frame lists the available data in the abbreviated form of the list of datatype designations
The upper frame displays the form to query the UBV data
To make a query, click on the link corresponding to the selected datatype.
The corresponding form will appear in the upper frame
Fill the form.
To get data with a criterion like "value larger than a limit",
fill the area labelled Lower
To get data with a criterion like "value less than a limit",
fill the area labelled Upper
Fill both fields, if you wish to impose both limits
Submit the query
Press Submit Query to submit the query
Coordinates can be indicated
  • in the standard form (hour, minute, second; degree, minute, second)
  • in decimal form (hour.fraction; degree.fraction)
Spectral types
Selection may be based on various criteria, indicated in the "lower limit" text area:
  • B will select all stars of type B0-B9
  • B8 will select only the stars with type B8
  • B8 V will select the stars with type B8 V
  • Am will display the Am stars, A2m will display only the A2m stars.
  • The same is valid for Ap stars.
  • III will select only the giant stars (classe III).
Range of spectral types may also be used. To perform such a selection, enter the limiting spectral in the correponding text areas.
  • Lower limit: B8, upper limit A2 will naturally select the stars between B8 and A2
  • Lower limit: G8 III, upper limit K2 will select the red giants in the G8-K2 interval

Last update: 22 February 1998