List of embedded cluster

Data for embedded clusters are slowly entered in the database. In most cases, only coordinates, (X, Y) rectangular positions and JHK magnitudes are available from the literature.

Data for the objects tabulated below have been entered in the database.

Any help to develop this part of the database is welcome.

ClusterData Source
NGC 1333Aspin C. et al.1994, A&AS 106, 165
NGC 2024Haisch K.E. et al.2000, AJ 120, 1396
NGC 2282Horner D.J., et al.1997, AJ 113, 1788
NGC 3576Persi P., et al.1994, A&A 282, 474
AFGL 4029Deharveng L., et al.1997, A&A 317, 459
Mon R2Carpenter J.M., et al.1997, AJ 114, 198
Sh 138Deharveng L., et al.1999, A&A 344, 943
Sh2-88BDeharveng L., et al.2000, A&A 360, 1107
Last update: 7 November 1999