Query by star number

This form is intended to query the database by star numbers.
To perform selections on observational data, use another form.

Star numbers can be entered directly if they correspond to the adopted numbering system:
or in a form like R:xx if they come from a numbering system listed in the cross-reference table authors list.
For example: 3:22 stands for star # 22 from source 3
Common identifications, like HD, BS/HR, DM, LSS numbers and others can also be used.
Please, do not enter space between the acronym and the star number: HD23630
Variable star names should be written like  V1004Tau  or   PVTau  (no space).
Stellar names, like those for Pleiades brown dwarfs (Teide1, Calar3, PPl15) can also be used as a valid identifier.

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