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Bibliography 2017

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Bibliography 2018

Elsanhoury W.H., Postnikova E.S., Chupina N.V., Vereshchagin S.V., Sariya D.P., Yadav R.K.S., Jiang I.-G.
(2018) Astrophys. Space Sci. 363, 58
The Pleiades apex and its kinematical structure

Bibliography 2019

Gao X.-H.
(2019) Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific 131, 044101
An Investigation of the Pleiades Cluster Using Machine Learning

Bibliography 2020

Danilov V.M., Seleznev A.F.
(2020) Astrophys. Bull. 75, 407
On the Motion of Stars in the Pleiades According to Gaia DR2 Data

Torres G., Melis C., Kraus A.L., Dupuy T.J., Chilcote J.K., Crepp J.R.
(2020) Astrophys. J. 898, 2
Dynamical Masses for the Pleiades Binary System HII-2147

Bibliography 2021

Brown T.M., Garcia R.A., Mathur S., Metcalfe T.S., Santos A.R.G.
(2021) Astrophys. J. 916, 66
Brightness Fluctuation Spectra of Sun-like Stars. I. The Mid-frequency Continuum

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