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Bibliography 2012

Breger M., Hareter M., Endl M., Kuschnig R., Weiss W.W., Matthews J.M., Guenther D.B., Moffat A.F.J., Rowe J.F., Rucinski S.M., Sasselov D.
(2012) Astron. Nach. 333, 131
Delta Scuti stars in the Praesepe cluster observed by the MOST satellite

Quinn S.N., White R.J., Latham D.W., et al.
(2012) Astrophys. J. 756, 33
Two "b"s in the Beehive: The Discovery of the First Hot Jupiters in an Open Cluster

Boudreault S., Lodieu N., Deacon N.R., Hambly N.C.
(2012) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 426, 3419
Astrometric and photometric initial mass functions from the UKIDSS Galactic Clusters Survey - III. Praesepe

Bibliography 2013

Külebi B., Kalirai J., Jordan S., Euchner F.
(2013) Astron. Astrophys. 554, A18
The progenitors of magnetic white dwarfs in open clusters

Shanti Priya D., Sriram K., Vivekananda Rao P.
(2013) Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 13, 465
Photometric study of an eclipsing binary in Praesepe

Khalaj P., Baumgardt H.
(2013) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 434, 3236
The stellar mass function, binary content and radial structure of the open cluster Praesepe derived from PPMXL and SDSS data

Bibliography 2014

Wang P.F., Chen W.P., Lin C.C. et al.
(2014) Astrophys. J. 784, 57
Characterization of the Praesepe Star Cluster by Photometry and Proper Motions with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS

Bibliography 2015

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Bibliography 2016

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Bibliography 2017

Cummings J.D., Deliyannis C.P., Maderak R.M., Steinhauer A.
(2017) Astron. J. 153, 128
WIYN Open Cluster Study. LXXV. Testing the Metallicity Dependence of Stellar Lithium Depletion Using Hyades-aged Clusters. I. Hyades and Praesepe

Bibliography 2018

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Bibliography 2019

Gao X.-H.
(2019) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 486, 5405
Membership and fundamental parameters of the Praesepe cluster based on Gaia-DR2

Bibliography 2020

Loktin A.V., Popov A.A.
(2020) Astron. Nachr. 341, 638
Rotation of open clusters based on Gaia data. Praesepe

Bibliography 2021

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