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Bibliography 2012

Turner D.G.
(2012) Astron. Nach. 333, 174
The color-magnitude diagram of NGC 2264

Bibliography 2013

Zwintz K., Fossati L., Ryabchikova T., Kaiser A., Gruberbauer M., Barnes T. G., Baglin A., Chaintreuil S.
(2013) Astron. Astrophys. 550, A121
gamma Doradus pulsation in two pre-main sequence stars discovered by CoRoT

Marinas N., Lada E.A., Teixeira P.S., Lada C.J.
(2013) Astrophys. J. 772, 81
Near-infrared Imaging and Spectroscopic Survey of the Southern Region of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2264

Klagyivik P., Csizmadia Sz., Pasternacki, T. et al.
(2013) Astrophys. J. 773, 54
Variability Survey in the CoRoT SRa01 Field: Implications of Eclipsing Binary Distribution on Cluster Formation in NGC 2264

Bibliography 2014

Fossati L., Zwintz K., Castro N. et al.
(2014) Astron. Astrophys. 562, A143
Two spotted and magnetic early B-type stars in the young open cluster NGC 2264 discovered by MOST and ESPaDOnS

Dzib S.A., Loinard L., Rodriguez L.F., Galli P.
(2014) Astrophys. J. 788, 162
Deep VLA Images of the HH 124 IRS Radio Cluster and Its Surroundings, and a New Determination of the Distance to NGC 2264

Bibliography 2015

Paunzen E., Frohlich H-E., Netopil M., Weiss W.W., Luftinger T.
(2015) Astron. Astrophys. 574, A57
The CoRoT chemical peculiar target star HD 49310

Bibliography 2016

No article found

Bibliography 2017

Zwintz K., Moravveji E., Papics P.I., Tkachenko A., Przybilla N., Nieva M-F., Kuschnig R., Antoci V., Lorenz D., Themessl N., Fossati L., Barnes T.G.
(2017) Astron. Astrophys. 601, A101
A comprehensive study of young B stars in NGC 2264 . I. Space photometry and asteroseismology

Bibliography 2018

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