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Bibliography 2012

Geller A.M., Mathieu R.D.
(2012) Astron. J. 144, 54
WIYN Open Cluster Study. XLVIII. The Hard-binary Population of NGC 188

Bibliography 2013

Geller A.M., Hurley J.R., Mathieu R.D.
(2013) Astron. J. 145, 8
Direct N-body Modeling of the Old Open Cluster NGC 188: A Detailed Comparison of Theoretical and Observed Binary Star and Blue Straggler Populations

Jacobson H.R., Friel E.D.
(2013) Astron. J. 145, 107
Zirconium, Barium, Lanthanum, and Europium Abundances in Open Clusters

Bibliography 2014

Zhu L.Y., Qian S.B., Soonthornthum B., Liu L., He J.J., Liu N.P., Zhao E.G., Zhang J., Wang J.J.
(2014) Astron. J. 147, 42
Three Close Binaries in Different Evolutionary Stages in the Old Open Cluster NGC 188

Gao X.-H.
(2014) Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 14, 159
Membership determination of open cluster NGC 188 based on the DBSCAN clustering algorithm

Gosnell N.M., Mathieu R.D., Geller A.M., Sills A., Leigh N., Knigge C.
(2014) Astrophys. J. 783, L8
Detection of White Dwarf Companions to Blue Stragglers in the Open Cluster NGC 188: Direct Evidence for Recent Mass Transfer

Bibliography 2015

Sindhu N., Annapurni S., Anu R.C.
(2015) Res. Astron. Astrophys. 15, 1647
Simulation of old open clusters for UVIT on ASTROSAT

Bibliography 2016

No article found

Bibliography 2017

Casamiquela L., Carrera R., Blanco-Cuaresma S. et al.
(2017) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 470, 4363
OCCASO - II. Physical parameters and Fe abundances of red clump stars in 18 open clusters

Bibliography 2018

Sanchez N., Alfaro E.J., Lopez-Martinez F.
(2018) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 475, 4122
A method for determining the radius of an open cluster from stellar proper motions

Bibliography 2019

No article found

Bibliography 2020

Vaidya K., Rao K.K., Agarwal M., Bhattacharya S.
(2020) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 496, 2402
Blue straggler populations of seven open clusters with Gaia DR2

Bibliography 2021

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