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Bibliography 2012

Koenig X.P., Leisawitz D.T., Benford D.J., Rebull L.M., Padgett D.L., Assef R.J.
(2012) Astrophys. J. 744, 130
Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Observations of the Evolution of Massive Star-forming Regions

Mathew B., Banerjee D.P.K., Ashok N.M., Subramaniam A., Bhavya B., Joshi V.
(2012) Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 12, 167
Studies of a possible new Herbig Ae/Be star in the open cluster NGC 7380

Bibliography 2013

Bhatt H., Pandey J.C., Singh K.P., Sagar R., Kumar B.
(2013) Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy 34, 393
X-ray Observations of Eight Young Open Star Clusters: I. Membership and X-ray Luminosity

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