General Abbreviations

This file lists the abbreviations used in the Budapest bibiliography for the subject text.

Abs.         absorption                      
abun.        abundance(s)                    
AD           angular diameter                
ampl.        amplitude                       
An           Anonymous                       
AsB          asymptotic branch               
Ass          association                     
B            Bailey                          
b            blue                            
BD           Bonner Durchmusterung           
br.          bright                          
c            centre                          
CAN          cluster associated with nebula  
Cat.         Catalogue                       
CE           colour excess                   
CI           colour index                    
cl.          cluster                         
classif.     classification                  
col.         colour                          
comp.        compressed                      
cons.        considerably                    
Cr           Collinder                       
descr.       description                     
diagr.       diagram                         
Diss.        dissertation                    
Dist         distance                        
Eff.         effective                       
ev.          evolution                       
Ex.          extragalactic                   
ex.          example                         
ext.         extremely                       
extend.      extended                        
f.           faint                           
foll.        following                       
gal.         galactic                        
GB           giant branch                    
GCl          globular cluster                
glob.        globular                        
gr.          group                           
grad.        gradually                       
HB           horizontal branch   
HD           Henry Draper Catalogue
Hol.         Holetschek
IM           index of metallicity
int.         interval
intst.       interstellar
invol.       involved
ion.         ionized
ir           infrared
irreg.       irregular
l.           line
LD           linear diameter
Lk           Lundmark
L(M)         luminosity function
LMC          Large Magellanic Cloud
M            Messier
M            absolute magnitude
MC           Magellanic Clouds
Mel          Melotte
mg           magnitude
mid.         middle
MS           main sequence
N, n         number
Neb.         nebula
neu.         neutral
nonexist.    nonexistent
nor.         north
obs.         observation(s)
OCl          open cluster
P            part
p            position
p.           page
part.        partially
pe           photoelectric
per.         period
pg           photographic
phot.        photograph
pl.          plate
pret.        pretty
prop. mot.   proper motion
pv           photovisual
r            red 
Rb           Raab                            
red.         reduction                       
rel.         relative                        
resol.       resolvable                      
rev.         review                          
rG           red giant                       
RN           reflection nebula               
rot.         rotation                        
rou.         round                           
RV           radial velocity                 
S            series                          
Sh           Shapley                         
sm.          small                           
SMC          Small Magellanic Cloud          
sp.          spectrum
st.          star
stel.        stellar
st. gr.      stellar group
Sup          Supplement
Tr           Trumpler
tv           television
uv           ultraviolet
V            volume
var.         variable
vel.         velocity
vis.         visual
y            yellow
yr.          year(s)
ZAMS         zero age main sequence