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Issue No 31, December 11 2006

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D. Narbutis, V. Vansevicius, K. Kodaira, I. Sableviciute, R. Stonkute, and A. Bridzius  (December 11 2006)
A Survey of Compact Star Clusters in the South-West Field of the M31 Disk. UBVRI Photometry

J. Fiestas, R. Spurzem, and E. Kim  (December 11 2006)
2D Fokker-Planck models of rotating clusters

G. De Marchi and L. Pulone  (December 11 2006)
NGC 2298: a globular cluster on its way to disruption

Thijs Kouwenhoven, Anthony Brown, and Lex Kaper  (December 07 2006)
A brown dwarf desert for intermediate mass stars in Sco OB2?

G.M. De Silva, K.C. Freeman, J. Bland-Hawthorn, M. Asplund, M.S. Bessell, and R. Collet  (December 05 2006)
Chemical Homogeneity in Collinder 261 and Implications for Chemical Tagging

Douglas C. Heggie, Piet Hut, Shin Mineshige, Jun Makino, and Holger Baumgardt  (December 05 2006)
The core radius of a star cluster containing a massive black hole

W.P. Chen, Hsu-Tai Lee Lee, and K. Sanchawala  (November 20 2006)
Triggered Star Formation in OB Associations

T. Decressin, G. Meynet, C. Charbonnel, N. Prantzos, and S. Ekström  (November 20 2006)
Fast rotating massive stars and the origin of the abundance patterns in galactic globular clusters

Julia I. Arias, Rodolfo H. Barba, and Nidia I. Morrell  (November 16 2006)
Pre-main-sequence stars in the Lagoon Nebula (M8)

J. Pflamm-Altenburg and P. Kroupa  (November 16 2006)
Captured older stars as the reason for apparently prolonged star formation in young star clusters

Th. Lebzelter, Th. Posch, K.H. Hinkle, P.R. Wood, and J. Bouwman  (November 13 2006)
Tracing the development of dust around evolved stars: The case of 47 Tuc

M. Netopil, E. Paunzen, H.M. Maitzen, O.I. Pintado, A. Claret, L.F. Miranda, I.Kh. Iliev, and V. Casanova  (November 13 2006)
CCD photometric search for peculiar stars in open clusters. VIII. King 21, NGC 3293, NGC 5999, NGC 6802, NGC 6830, Ruprecht 44, Ruprecht 115, and Ruprecht 120

M. Tsujimoto, Y. Hyodo, and K. Koyama  (November 13 2006)
Suzaku Spectroscopy Study of Hard X-Ray Emission in the Arches Cluster

G.A. Drukier, H.N. Cohn, P.M. Lugger, S.D. Slavin, R.C. Berrington, and B.W. Murphy  (November 11 2006)
The Global Kinematics of the Globular Cluster M92

J.L. Han and J.S. Zhang  (November 11 2006)
The Galactic distribution of magnetic fields in molecular clouds and HII regions

M. Montuori, R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, P. Di Matteo, A. Lepinette, and P. Miocchi  (November 11 2006)
Tidal tails around globular clusters. Are they a good tracer of cluster orbits?

E. Paunzen, M. Netopil, and K. Zwintz  (November 10 2006)
Investigating star formation in the young open cluster NGC 6383

Jes K. Jørgensen, Doug Johnstone, Helen Kirk, and Philip C. Myers  (November 10 2006)
Current Star Formation in the Perseus Molecular Cloud: Constraints from Unbiased Submillimeter and Mid-Infrared Surveys

Timothy Y. Brooke, Tracy L. Huard, Tyler L. Bourke et al.  (November 10 2006)
The Spitzer c2d Survey of Nearby Dense Cores: IV. Revealing the Embedded Cluster in B59

Stefan Harfst, Alessia Gualandris, David Merritt, Rainer Spurzem, Simon Portegies Zwart, and Peter Berczik  (November 06 2006)
Performance Analysis of Direct N-Body Algorithms on Special-Purpose Supercomputers

M. Rengel, K.-W. Hodapp, and J. Eislöffel  (November 03 2006)
S K1: A Possible Case of Triggered Star Formation in Perseus

A.I. Diaz, E. Terlevich, M. Castellanos, and G. Hageles  (October 31 2006)
The metallicity of circumnuclear star forming regions

L.O. Kerber, B.X. Santiago, and E. Brocato  (October 30 2006)
Physical parameters of 15 intermediate-age LMC clusters from modelling of HST colour-magnitude diagrams

David T.F. Weldrake, Penny D. Sackett, and Terry J. Bridges  (October 30 2006)
A Deep Wide-Field Variable Star Catalog of Omega Centauri

D. A. Gouliermis, S. Lianou, M. Kontizas, E. Kontizas, and A. Dapergolas  (October 30 2006)
NGC 2011 in the Large Magellanic Cloud with Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2 Observations

Melike Afsar and Howard E. Bond  (October 30 2006)
A Young Stellar Cluster Surrounding the Peculiar Eruptive Variable V838 Monocerotis

Bruce G. Elmegreen  (October 28 2006)
Hierarchical Formation of Galactic Clusters

Bruce G. Elmegreen  (October 28 2006)
Formation and Evolution of Young Massive Clusters

Bruce G. Elmegreen  (October 28 2006)
The Initial Mass Function in Clusters

Karel A. van der Hucht  (October 27 2006)
New Galactic Wolf-Rayet stars, and candidates. An annex to The VIIth Catalogue of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars

Jonathan C. Tan  (October 23 2006)
Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation

L.R. Bedin, G. Piotto, G. Carraro, I.R. King, and J. Anderson  (October 23 2006)
The absolute motion of the peculiar cluster NGC6791

S. Pfalzner  (October 23 2006)
Cluster-assisted accretion for massive stars

Claude Bertout and Francoise Genova  (October 21 2006)
A kinematic study of the Taurus-Auriga T association

Maurizio Salaris and Santi Cassisi  (October 20 2006)
Colour-colour diagrams and extragalactic globular cluster ages. Systematic uncertainties using the (V-K)-(V-I) diagram



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