Datatype: rosat_src

The ROSAT X-ray information has been split in two parts. The first one concerns the X-ray sources (position, count rate, exposure time, and so on) and is collected under the datatype: rosat_src.

The datatype rosat contains the information of the associated optical source.

The results have been published in various formats, differing from one cluster to the other. Therefore, columns may remain empty for some clusters.

Please, note that the source number corresponds to the originally published numbering system, and is not on the adopted cluster numbering system.

Record structure

No:Source number
Ref:Data source
RA:Xray source Right Ascension (J2000)
Dec:Xray source Declination (J2000)
OffAx:Off axis distance [arcmin]
Exp:Exposure time [sec]
Cnt:Count rate [count/ksec]
Err:Uncertainty on the counts
ML:Detection parameter
HR:Hardness ratio

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Last Update: 17 June 2004