Datatype: PROC

The datatype proc refers to the membership probabilities deduced from the location in the color magnitude diagram (Photometric Probability) as published by Kharchenko N., et al. 2005, Astron. Astrophys. 438, 1163 (2005A&A...438.1163K) and 2005, A&A 440, 403 (2005A&A...440..403K). The Photometric probability Pph is calculated on the basis of relative deviation of the colour-index (B-V) from the locus of cluster members, including Pre-Main Sequence, Main Sequence stars and Red Giants in the color-magnitude diagram for a given isochrone:

Pph = exp {-0.5 * [ d(B-V) / s(B-V) ] ^ 2 },

where s(B-V) is the the observational (B-V) error. There is only one entry per star.

Record structure

No:Star number
Ref:Data source
Prob:Membership probability

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