Datatype: IDM

IDM represents the cross-identifications with astronomical catalogues HD, DM, BS, GCVS, WDS, LS, LSS, and others. idm comes from Idam which stands for "identification d'amas".

DM numbers follow the HD convention:
CpD south of -52°,
CoD between -23° and -51°,
BD north of -23°.
Crosss-identifications have been taken from the published papers when possible, but a large part of the data has been obtained by the author.

Record structure

No:Star number
BS:BS number
HD:HD number
LSN:Northern Luminous Stars
LSS:Southern Luminous Stars
GCVS:Variable stars names
IDS:Double stars
ADS:Aitken double star
SAO:SAO catalogue
Misc:Other identifications

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