Datatype: gK

The datatype gK refers to lists of red giants candidates in the field of open clusters. Such lists originated from the preparation of the radial velocity observation survey made with the Coravel. They have been extended to most clusters.

The aim of these files is to summarize the red giant membership from proper motion (M), radial velocity (V) and photometry (P) and to list the photometric system in which these stars have been observed.

A simple classification (A B C D has been designed to record if the red giant is on the asymptotic giant branch (A), on the first ascending branch (B), in the clump (C), or lies on the left of the normal sequence in the position of a binary (D). Non-members (Filed stars) are designated by (F). A second (B) indicates that the star is a known spectroscopic binary.

Record structure

No:Star number
Prob:Membership probability
MVP:Membership estimate (MVP)
Src:Radial velocity source
PHO:Photometry code

Symbol explanation

Membership estimate
+ : probably member
: probably non-member
? : not decided
Radial velocity source
C : Coravel radial velocity scanner
G : Griffin's scanner
L : CfA spectrographs (Latham)
T : Tokovinin scanner
Photometry code
1 : UBV pe or CCD
2 : UBV pg
3 : Geneva
4 : DDO
5 : Washington
6 : RI (any)
7 : Eggen's uvby
8 : UBViyz
8 : Wing's photometry
A : Asymptotic branch star
B : Ascending branch star
C : Clump star
D : Double (?) star
F : Field star

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