List of anticenter clusters from Frinchaboy P.M., et al.

The colums give the cluster name, the galactic longitude (l), the galactic latitude (b), the distance (d) from the Sun (kpc), the cluster distance (RGC) from the galactic center (kpc), the logarithm of the age (logt), the mean radial velocity (RV), the visual absorption (Av), the separation in pc (separ) and the metallicity.

ClusterlbdRGClog t[Fe/H]

van den Bergh-Hagen 176327.414.3415.609.79.850.00
Arp-Madore 2248.12-5.8713.3417.919.70-0.50
Berkeley 29197.988.0214.8722.569.00-0.18
Saurer A214.316.8311.9719.089.85-0.50
Tombaugh 2232.83-6.8813.2619.159.30-0.36
ESO 092-18287.12-6.6510.6011.269.00
ESO 093-08293.50-4.0413.7012.829.65-0.40
Saurer C285.092.998.8310.259.45
Shorlin 1290.56-0.9212.6012.32

van den Bergh-Hagen 144305.34-3.159.358.068.82