Datatype: Egg

The datatype egg refers to Eggen's modified uvby system. Eggen originally planned to work in the uvby system. But the width of the v filter he got turned out to be only half of the nominal width. This appeared to be useful for the classification of late-type stars and Eggen defined a modified uvby system, in which the information content of the M1 and C1 indices is different of that for the normal m1 and c1 parameters, because of the smaller width of the v filter.

The difference with the standard uvby system is indicated by the use of upper case name for the two parameters: M1 and C1

Record structure

No:Star number
V:V magnitude
b-y:b-y colour index
M1:M1 parameter
C1:C1 parameter
N:Number of measurements

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Last Update: 17 February 1998