Datatype: BATC

BATC is a 15-colour CCD intermediate-band spectrophotometry, developped by the Beijing-Arizona-Taipei-Connecticut (BATC) Color Survey of the Sky. The results are published as magnitudes in each band. Not all filters are used, the measurements for a, b and l are often missing.

The band effective wavelengths have slightly changed between the first paper on M67 (1996, AJ 112, 628), the second and third one devoted to NGC 2548 (2005, PASP 117, 32 and 2006, PASP 118, 1104).

Record structure

No:Star number
Ref:Data source
a:3360 magnitude
b:3890 magnitude
c:4180 magnitude
d:4532 magnitude
e:4916 magnitude
f:5258 magnitude
g:5785 magnitude
h:6069 magnitude
i:6646 magnitude
j:7055 magnitude
k:7215 magnitude
l:7490 magnitude
m:8020 magnitude
n:8483 magnitude
o:9180 magnitude
p:9736 magnitude

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